Big Splash/Slime Machine Combo

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Product Overview

When someone hits the target of the Big Splash, it dumps water on its victim.  However, with the Slime Machine, it’s GREEN SLIME!  Kids go nuts for the Slime!!  And it’s all great family fun.

The Combo Unit includes the canvases for both the Slime Machine and the Big Splash.

  • Sharp looking. Its vivid, colorful graphics draw lots of attention.
  • Reliable and Simple to Operate. Drawing from our years of experience manufacturing equipment for the rental industry, we’ve created an intelligent design that is exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Comes with kits to make gallons of green slime.
  • Includes 35 gallon polyethylene drum and pump.
  • Big Splash uses a standard garden hose. 
  • Easy to Transport.
  • Fun for Everyone. The Big Splash creates a fun event which is inclusive of all, including the disabled, seniors, children, larger people, etc. Anyone who can sit under the bucket can participate.
  • Easy to Rent. With the purchase of a Big Splash/Slime Machine Combo Unit, we provide images and exciting video clips for use in your marketing efforts.
  •  A Perfect Fund-Raiser. Pastors, teachers, politicians, police officers, fire fighters, coaches -- just about anyone is willing to get wet for a good cause. Just as our Easy Dunker dunk tank has raised millions for various charities over the years, the Big Splash and Slime Machine are destined to do the same.

*Actual frame color may vary from what is shown in photo(s) and video.


Big Splash Safety Instructions

Big Splash Setup Instructions

Slime Machine Safety Instructions

Slime Machine Setup Instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review