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  • Canvas Dunk Tank 5' Blue, Wingless
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Product Overview

Twister Display's EconoDunker is the most economical, professionally made dunk tank in the market.

For many years, Twister Display has provided dunk tanks and other games for fundraising purposes. Unfortunately, not all non-profit organizations are able to afford our traditional trailer-mounted Easy Dunker. To this end, we've created an inexpensive dunk tank, specifically for non-profit organizations.

The EconoDunker dunk tank functions the same as our traditional Easy Dunker. However, the EconoDunker is not trailer-mounted, but it does have heavy-duty dolly wheels. By eliminating the axle and wheels and reducing the amount of steel required, we are able to dramatically lower the cost of the unit. By setting up the EconoDunker and dunking the fireman, mayor, principal, pastor or pretty girl, your group can raise a considerable amount of money. Plus, you can also raise extra money on the side by renting it to other organizations.

EconoDunker includes:

  • 500-gallon polyethylene tank
  • Optional LEXAN™ window
  • Vinyl-coated, steel protective cage
  • High-density, UV-resistant seat
  • One (1) 7" steel target
  • Twelve (12) balls
  • Standard yellow target canvas
  • Heavy-duty dolly


Safety Instructions

Setup Instructions

Dunk Tank Waiver of Liability

Dunk Tank Maintenance

Warranty Information

Twelve (12) months.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review