Chicken Flingers

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The Chicken Flingers giant carnival game is loads of fun for all ages. Kids love catapulting the rubber chickens into the chef's pot. And you'll love it too, because this compact, low-maintenance, low-cost unit will pay for itself in a very short time and will really boost your profit potential. Like all of our games, Chicken Flingers can be set up in less than five minutes and can be used indoors or out. 

Chicken Flingers includes:

  • Colorful canvas backdrop and accessories
  • Steel framework
  • One (1) stomp launcher
  • Two (2) rubber chickens
  • Four (4) stakes for outdoor use
  • Choice of carrying bag or case

Each giant carnival game comes with a colorful and rugged canvas, as well as a heavy-duty framework. Plus, it all breaks down to fit into its own carrying bag or case for easy storage and transportation. Best of all, it can be set up in minutes by one person.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review