Foosball - Bimby by Storm

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Product Overview

Foosball - Bimby by Storm is a high-quality (Italian design) indoor/outdoor foosball table.  Its industrial-grade construction and clever design make it ideal for a wide variety of uses.

Foosball - Bimby by Storm includes:

  • 21”x14.5” playing field made of melamine
  • Table made of thermoplastic resins and fiber, making it ideal for outdoor use
  • Sloping legs feature a durable, thermoplastic design
  • Telescopic, tempered steel playing rods
  • Ten (10) balls
  • Tempered glass top for protection
  • Coin-operated play
  • Prize dispenser, which can dispense small rubber balls or gumballs at the end of each game (450-piece capacity)

Foosball - Bimby by Storm options include:

  • Wheels for easy portability


(No reviews yet) Write a Review